Spartan and Lakeside Bowling Club, Bexhill, East Sussex


Match results for May

Spartan & Lakeside 64 Guestling 75

Scorers;M Cross,A Wallis,J Ruff Won 23-14;G Stone,A Proctor,J Anderson Won 17-13;T Stanley,J Blackmore,A Fleming Lost 15-25;C Friday,S Friday,M Welch Lost 9-23

Spartan & Lakeside 43 Sidley Martlets 81

Scorers;C Friday,A Wallis,J Anderson Won 15-12;T Jeffery,C May,J Ruff Lost 9-32;T Stanley,K Barber,M Welch Lost 7-17;M Cross,S Friday,A Fleming Lost 12-20

Spartan & Lakeside progressed from the preliminary round of the National Top Club competition following a 4-1 victory at Bexhill

Scorers;Two wood singles;S Holland Lost 13-14,4 wood singles R Morphett Won 21-17;Pairs R Hodd &T Logan Won 25-11,Triples K Barber,D Baker & J Ruff Won 25-12;Fours P Saunders,B Bowler,R Harris & K Bolton Won 15-9

Spartan & Lakeside 70 Beckley 35  

Scorers;T Jeffery,A Wallis,J Ruff Won 33-10;M Cross,M Bannister,K Barber Lost 11-16;A Grant,J Blackmore,A Fleming Won 26-9

Gildredge Park 42  Spartan & Lakeside 82  

Scorers;T Stanley,A Proctor,J Anderson Won 21-9;T Jeffery,C May,M Welch Won 18-10;G Stone,A Fleming,J Ruff Won 17-11;A Wallis,P Saunders Won 26-12

Spartan & Lakeside progressed through to round 1 of the National Double fours after a 43-18 win away at Sidley Martlets.

Scorers:R Hodd,R Harris,L Dickson & R Morphett Won 22-9;P Saunders,D Shorey,K Bolton & T Logan Won 21-9

League-Fairlight 60 Spartan & Lakeside 61

Scorers;J Blackmore,J Anderson,D Baker Won 24-20;C May,A Wallis,M Welch Won 16-13;A Proctor,B Bowler,J Ruff Won 21-12

Spartan & Lakeside only fielded 3 rinks so gave 15 shots away.  

League-Sidley Martlets 54 Spartan & Lakeside 77  

Scorers;C May,K Barber,M Welch Lost 14-17;A Wallis,B Bowler,R Harris Won 20-13;G Stone,J Anderson,D Southouse Won 23-11;P Saunders,A Fleming,J Ruff Won 20-13

Spartan & Lakeside progressed through to round 2 of the National Top Club competition following a 4-1 success away at Hampden Park.

Scorers:2 wood singles,L Dickson Won 17-8;4 wood singles:R Morphett Won 21-9;Pairs;R Hodd & T Logan Won 18-10;Triples;K Barber,D Baker & J Ruff Lost 14-18;Fours;P Saunders,A Fleming,R Harris,K Bolton Won 18-17

Spartan & Lakeside 63  Rosemount 64

Scorers;M Cross,A Wallis,R Harris Lost 9-17;C May,J Anderson,J Ruff Won 15-14;T Jeffery,M Welch,P Saunders Won 29-3;A Grant,K Barber,D Baker Lost 10-30

Hailsham  77 Spartan & Lakeside 61   

Scorers;C May,J Blackmore,D Southouse Lost 15-26;G Stone,A Wallis,J Ruff Won 24-13;T Stanley,A Proctor,M Welch Lost 9-19;A Grant,A Fleming,J Anderson Lost 13-19

There was a nail biting finish to the National Two fours competition as

Spartan & Lakeside progressed through to round 2 following a narrow 38-35 success at home against Eastbourne. Spartan & Lakeside were one shot up overall on the last end & holding shot but the Easbourne skip failed to get in with has last bowl.

Spartan & Lakeside 38 Eastbourne 35

Scorers;R Hodd,R Harris,L Dickson,R Morphett Won 20-14;P Saunders,D Shorey,K Bolton,T Logan Lost 18-21

Information supplied by Keith Barber